Daylight Atheist

In The Daylight Atheist, Michael Hurst plays Danny Moffat (Playwright Tom Scott’s fictitious name for his father) who feels more comfortable spinning a yarn to his mates at the pub then dealing with the demands of family life.

He’s from the ‘lost adolescence’ generation who went to war to fight for freedom then resented that they lacked the very freedom they fought for. He feels trapped by his situation: no money and an ever-increasing family.

Resentful of authority, he’s smart and well-read. But this is mid-century rural New Zealand. Mental health support is practically non-existent.

With no outlet for his depressive state, he turns to booze and vicious humour for self-protection (or to assuage the guilt he feels). Danny is the life and soul of the party, but unable to deal with the reality of what life has dealt him.


The Lodge Theatre - Cnr Talbot and Hislop Streets, Geraldine, Select 7930 New Zealand

ticket: $ 25.00