Geek and Stitch

Part of the 2020 Wool on Wheels National Road Tour:  A weekend away in Geraldine to geek out over board games and stitchery.

As a result of the Methven Resort closing, I have downscaled this event to account for heightened anxiety related to being around a lot of people.

This event will be capped at 30 people. This will prevent the event from being overwhelming, but still provide opportunity to meet new people and create meaningful connections over your chill out of choice.


Day Pass: $165
Friday night Welcome Dinner
Saturday Lunch
Side room and overflow area from 8.30 am – 4.30 pm
​Hosted by Barkers Foodstore & Eatery

House Pass: $485
Friday night Welcome Dinner
Side room and overflow area from 8.30 am – 4.30 pm
Saturday Lunch
Saturday Dinner in the upstairs sitting room
Two nights accommodation at The Vicarage (twin share)
Continental Breakfast for Saturday and Sunday morning
Midday checkout on Sunday
I have booked the Vicarage for our Exclusive use so we have two sitting rooms to hang out in as well

Yarn: There will be a public pop up on Sunday morning. 

Games: Please bring your favourite games. I’ll have a few tucked into the van but it will be full of yarn.

General Agenda

I expect you’ll be travelling on this day so I’ll be running a rego check in late in the afternoon. Instructional details will come by email much closer in but otherwise the only thing you’ll need to do on Friday is turn up, and be on time for dinner.

Let the fun begin! Our space is available from 8.30 am – 4.30 pm.

I’m using the same space for a pop up in the morning, so this is free time to check out Geraldine, or come squish yarn with me!

Registration page:


Barkers Foodstore & Eatery - 71 Talbot St, Geraldine, South Cantebury 7930 New Zealand

Day Pass: $ 165.00
House Pass: $ 485.00